Tied together,
By verbs and words.
By mutual love and lust,
And with common interests.

Broke together,
By silence and fights.
By individual trauma and needs,
And with common hatred.

There's no court to justify,
No law to defend.
Is this why it's easy to break up?
There's no fear in the person who dumps,
And it's all fear in the person who is dumped.

What if they were tied together,
Not by verbs and words,
But by law.
To be justified and defended.
To be protected against hurt.
Wouldn't they keep silent and still pretend?
Wouldn't they fight till the end?

They could take the law in their hands,
And handcuff one another.
To admire the flaws,
To accept the personal law.
Present and lock themselves in home courts.
Shout and get over.
Scream and get done.

Talk, talk, talk.
And solve the damn issue.
Fight, fight, fight.
And resolve the conflict.
Kiss, kiss, kiss.
And give the anger a miss.

Is sticking to one another not cool anymore?
Fighting to stay, too old school now?
Why, say yes?
Why say, yes?
When one can't pass the fight test.

Love, love, love.
Till it bleeds.
Don't play it casual.

Keep sharing songs,
And handcuff one another,
To fight for,
Love, love, love.


Existential Crisis.