Utkarsha Kohli

Oct 30, 2021

1 min read

The journey back home,
After an evening,
Reminds her,

Of the comfort
Inducing hugs.
Of their connection,
And annoying sloppy cheek kisses.
Of thier music
Filled love making.
Of every note,
That struck their chords together.
Of every tastebud,
That savoured together.
Of every nail touch,
That he made faces at.
Of every syllable,
Of his funny sexy laugh.
Of chasing jellywish undies,
And hiding them under.
Of feeding the cats,
Jumping on them in the sheets.

The journey back home,
After an evening,
She wonders,
Does anything ever remind him?

She realised,
They failed to be a team.
Ended up,
Just a dreamy scream.

The journey to a new place,
For an evening,
Makes her forget,
Tries for her to forget.

A love, so pure.
A love, so genuine.
A love, written is history.
A love, she will never give someone else.
A love, not recyclable.
A love, ever beating.
A love, ever, more.