Pause! You.
Freeze! Time.

I want to rewind.
To the beginning,
Of the day.
And restart,

It's going haywire.
Started not too bad,
With watching the sun rise, usual.
Pulling the new curtains to the side, unusual.

Too much noise in the morning.
As soon as I open my door and step out,
My name is called,
A nick name I hate,
With a smile dripping sweet, calling me.
Forcing my smile, I greet it.

No time for self,
So Run Baby Run.
I tell my anxious self.

Breakfast, most important meal of the day.
Killed my gut.
Maid and too much oil, put.

Stress, most prominent feeling of the day.
Halted my brain.
Road, music and too much nostalgia, rained.

Run Baby Run.
Fear of missing out.
I calm my incessant self.

It's going haywire.
Started bad definitely,
With ill fitted pants, regretting rushed resolves.
With too much salt in lunch, maid's fault.

As soon as I open the gate and sit down.
My name is called,
Act like I care a damn.
With decisions in my hand, I get charged.
Fuelling the anger, I welcome mess.

Pause! You.
Freeze! Time.

Finally time for self.
Run Baby Run.
I tell my little pricked heart.

Meet friends, humans and cats alike.
Filling a balloon of bliss.
Laughter, food, stories and annoyed cat's hiss.

Lost and found,
Within hours.

Crucial to pause! You.
Crucial to freeze! Time.


Existential Crisis.