Act of kindness, in a
bus full of criminals, the
best gesture observed, who is
here, in the middle of nowhere.

Heels, he is wearing, with
iron metal shaped
idol in his left hand, he is
lost for words, his
lips are crisp,
lego set in right hand, he
let the bus go, someone…

With you
I want to go
Some miles away

With you
I want to drive
And let our favorite music play

With you
I want to hike
The heights of hills

With you
I want to walk
To catch some breath

With you
I want to stare at the stars
Wishing to…

How does it work?
The emotional switch.

Switch on, you're crying and lonely,
And needy and vulnerable, sometimes happy.

Switch off, you're aloof and indifferent,
And numb and cold hearted, sometimes propitious.

How does it work?

Being blissful only on someone's birthday.

By 11:55pm, she was anxious,
About the birthday, looking…

What does it feel like to be alone?
Waking up with cat's lick and meow.
Having the perfect cup of tea,
Watching the world coming down or a 20 min sitcom.
Getting excited about a foreign application acceptance,
But no one to share the news with.
Getting another book out, and no one…

Purple Drug!
Mixing in blood like the tv show animation,
From the pink corridor, of the erogenous zone.

Like oh my god!
She might faint,
On the softest bed of her life,
With a clinging cat sleeping on top of her.
Yet, faint with consciousness.

Like oh my god!
She will…

In a Hindu dominant country,
With x percent of Christians present,
We light the candle at the church, with an equal enthusiasm,
We shop for Christmas trees, with an equal zeal.
Yet, it’s important to know what religion does one belong to?
Whether you follow or no.

We eat rum…

Dream 1.
Where all worlds come together.
Making no sense.
The silly nonsense.

God image standing at the door, taking life out of a parent.
Running naked in the street, shamed.
Driving a car on water, losing.

Past places and Present people.
Bumping into ex-es in school classrooms.
Pet cat swimming…

You’re the second man,
In 25 years,
Dripping salt from eyes,
In front of my eyes.

Sure, it’s salt when it touches,
The brink of one’s lips.
But, it’s a mix of spice,
The spice of squeezed life.

It’s a question of what next?
What to accomplish next?
It’s an answer to…

A lid opened, with freshly ground air and spirit.
Closing the lid of a year that consumed,
And opening the year of baby skin and wounds.
With a role specific to him,
And a lead played definitely by him.
With a dump of all emotional baggage,
With a dump of all ego, aside.
He moved to the…

in an era of Postmen,
at the time of drizzling dawn,
a mad mrs. harper,
who was neither lying in bed,
nor preparing the morning breakfast spread.
mad because of her own bizarre approach to life,
with multiple partners, rescued as dogs and cats and birds and chameleons.

a stranger…

Utkarsha Kohli

Existential Crisis.

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